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Verily verily I say unto you: These are some cool Facebook tips!

Happy New Year!

Did you have a great Christmas? I did! Was quiet, but it was great for reflecting, and I got a whole lot done, so gotta be grateful!

It’s a new year, and I’m sure everyone’s lining all their ducks up for their businesses, careers, school, all of that good stuff.

I was reading some random articles on social media usage in the last few days of 2013 and I saw this really nice one on It talked about 7 Facebook statistics you should know (I took out the ‘powerful’ in their title, seemed overly dramatic).

I enjoyed it thoroughly and decided I would rewrite it for a Nigerian audience. I hope you enjoy it, and it does you and your business some good. Ready?

  1. Photos in posts attract more likes and comments: so if you’re talking about this brilliant venture you’re starting, don’t just ramble on and on about it on your social media channels. Put a picture! It could be a graph, a photo (hopefully not of you or your family or anything personal), but a depiction of your text that will be understood without too much grief.
  2. Shorter posts are easier to read and follow: While we are excited with your new venture, we are on Facebook to first socialize, second gossip (by way of checking out updates on our friends and even foes), etc. No where does it say we’re on Facebook with our pads and pens ready to draw from wells of wisdom (at least not on purpose). So, entice us with a photo, keep us there with a short and sweet post that makes us so curious we follow the link you have put in that post to the site where your business is domiciled! See! That’s like two tips in one!
  3. Expressing a bit of emotion increases the ‘tatafo’ quotient of your post: Remember I just said a good chunk of us are on Facebook to see what’s going on with the next person? Don’t even wrinkle your nose like you’ve never gone on Facebook just to confirm gist you heard somewhere! Ah ha! With storytelling, there are three cardinal things that make people stay and they are the hook, the hold, and the payoff. I daresay those three should be applied to your posts on Facebook if you’re there for reasons other than I’ve mentioned in number two. This obviously involves studying your target audience, and then crafting your messages to ‘entice’ them.
  4. Thank God its Thursday (and Friday)! More people are seeing Thursday as the new Friday, and this works both ways for you as a business owner using Facebook to promote your business. They’re either in the mood to do a bit of browsing and will be open to reading, or they’re just happy another week at the office is over, they can let their hair down, and so are not in the mood for anything serious or deep. Either way, you need to study them (or get CC Consulting to do it for you), and figure out your strategy for engagement.
  5. Ask and you shall receive a comment, or a thread: People are more likely to give an answer (read as a comment) if there’s a question. So, how about an open-ended post? If you’re marketing a new product, it might be worth brainstorming on issues around it so you can creatively push that product.
  6. If you know the bait, the fish will come, and like your page: This is what I’ve touched on briefly in points two and three but it is so important I had to give it another go. You cannot be marketing anti-wrinkle cream on groups that are full of teenagers and expect to be successful. That’s the last thing on their minds, and they are probably not thinking of it for their moms either. I know I didn’t buy my mom anti-wrinkle cream as a teenager, I was busy begging God not to let her grow old!
  7. Give and it shall be given unto you: If your Facebook page/group is interesting, people will come. And they will get interested, and stay, and patronize you. Or they will recommend your product based on the interaction they’ve had with you, sometimes even without using it.
  8. There is a reason you have an education: Now this is a bonus point (you’re welcome) but I just felt like it was absolutely necessary. Take the time to spell check, to rid your communication of text speak (Facebook doesn’t limit anyone the way Twitter does). Even if your product is targeted at youngsters, saying ‘hw ru goin 2 shr ur xmas xperiencs – use our bewtiful notepad‘ will not score you any points, in heaven or on earth.

Have an extra productive year!



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