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Start that business/company in school if you can: My story

To be honest, I didn’t have to start CC Consulting while I was studying for a Masters in Social Media at Birmingham City University; it was more of a need! We had this class project to stage a social media event (which we did, and successfully too) and off the back of that event, provide consultancy services for attendees, reflect, write reports, etc.
We had a raffle, I picked URASTAR Enterprise, a socially conscious business that was focused on changing the behaviours of young people in the West Midlands. My task was to reposition their social media usage, and increase the interaction between the company, key stakeholders, and their target audience.
At the end of the task, I knew I needed to start a consultancy – the joy of watching changes the enterprise had made translate to changes in their communication was out of this world. It also seemed like a great idea to use that company as the launch pad towards my final project. The benefits of starting this company in school include:
1. An official brainstorm team: there were professionals, competent people to use as sounding boards without anyone feeling like we were in competition. My course mates, colleagues, and tutors provided invaluable advice on different aspects of the business which I still use today.
2.Word of Mouth: my (unconscious at the time) marketing strategy involved talking to people about what I wanted to achieve with CC Consulting, and how I planned to go about it. Apart from the advice, some people told people, who told other people, and that really helped with getting the word out.
3. Resources: access to workshops, networking events, and trainings really helped with real life lessons for me because I met other entrepreneurs  shared experiences, and learned from their successes and mistakes.
4. The space to start and fail small: because CC Consulting was born in class as part of my answer to a class assignment, I had the leeway to experiment with different techniques without facing colossal loss or disappointment.
5. Low overheads: I literally ran the business from the school library! That meant that I had access to super fast internet, subsidised printing (the few times I absolutely needed things on paper), and a quiet, conducive atmosphere for creativity to thrive.
It was a brilliant idea, and I urge would-be entrepreneurs who can to take advantage of this opportunity.
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