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MTV Shuga

When the Project Manager got in touch to say he wanted to hear about some of the work CC Consulting had done in Nigeria, I didn’t think that in just a few short months, I would be contracted as a social media consultant for Shuga, now in its third series.

Shuga is a sex and relationship drama produced by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base Africa designed to change/influence the choices young people make as far as sexual issues are concerned. Big picture is to get people talking about sex, and curb the spread of HIV infection through education.

In this position I’ve been opportuned to meet amazing people, pushed the boundaries of creativities and strategies to see that the output gets to as many people as possible. Beyond getting to them, my role also involved playing ‘Devils’ Advocate regularly, checking that good intentions would not be misinterpreted, and monitoring conversations from the official Shuga channels on social media to pick out the good, the great, and the ‘lets-not-do-that-again’!