We Make Beautiful Things



First time I spoke to Mr Eyo Ekpo about starting a blog, he wasn’t so sure electricity was one of the most wanted topics, especially for young Nigerians. I left it, told myself that him being on Twitter and engaging on the work NERC (the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission I consulted for last year) does would do.

Then he got in touch after trying to explain something to someone on Twitter, complaining about the restriction with 140 characters and I said, “how about that blog Sir”? Working with @MrBankole, it was exactly seven days from that conversation to his first post on his website, used as a blog for now.

The response has been instructive, information is being shared, perceptions changed organically, and even though power in Nigeria is far from what it should be, Elecoblogs tells the story of where we are, where we want to be, and what the Federal Government is doing to get us there.

And I am proud.