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CC Consulting is a 23rd Century – yes, 23rd Century – Social Media servicing company, duly registered in Nigeria. The company was borne out of a desire to provide consulting services for individuals, companies and governments looking to achieve strategic goals via social media.

We make beautiful things. And they work. We transform ideas, values ​​and visions into professional design solutions that communicate and support our clients’ objectives.

CC Consulting knows that each client and/or project is different, and we treat them as such.

Our specialities include:

  • Conducting audits for companies based on product, location, and target audience
  • Creating bespoke social media solutions
  • Hands-on monitoring and technical support
  • Content development and production for radio and television programmes
  • Recruitment
  • Training

Selected clients


We are a 360 degree business and media company. We do not list what we can't do. If it's listed, then you can be sure we're best at it :-)

  • Social Media Audit
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Audience acquisition
  • Article Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Conducting audits for companies based on product, location, and target audience
  • Content development and production for radio and television programmes
  • Recruitment
  • Training


We have rendered our services to a couple of companies, all of which are happy to work with us. We can't wait to list you here ;)


First time I spoke to Mr Eyo Ekpo about starting a blog, he wasn’t so sure electricity was one of the most wanted topics, especially for young Nigerians. I left it, told myself that him being on Twitter and engaging on the work NERC (the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission I consulted for last year) does would do.

Then he got in touch after trying to explain something to someone on Twitter, complaining about the restriction with 140 characters and I said, “how about that blog Sir”? Working with @MrBankole, it was exactly seven days from that conversation to his first post on his website, used as a blog for now.

The response has been instructive, information is being shared, perceptions changed organically, and even though power in Nigeria is far from what it should be, Elecoblogs tells the story of where we are, where we want to be, and what the Federal Government is doing to get us there.

And I am proud.

MTV Shuga

When the Project Manager got in touch to say he wanted to hear about some of the work CC Consulting had done in Nigeria, I didn’t think that in just a few short months, I would be contracted as a social media consultant for Shuga, now in its third series.

Shuga is a sex and relationship drama produced by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base Africa designed to change/influence the choices young people make as far as sexual issues are concerned. Big picture is to get people talking about sex, and curb the spread of HIV infection through education.

In this position I’ve been opportuned to meet amazing people, pushed the boundaries of creativities and strategies to see that the output gets to as many people as possible. Beyond getting to them, my role also involved playing ‘Devils’ Advocate regularly, checking that good intentions would not be misinterpreted, and monitoring conversations from the official Shuga channels on social media to pick out the good, the great, and the ‘lets-not-do-that-again’!


I resumed as the Founding Editor for YNaija2015 in April 2013, working with the smartest guys to deliver analysis and news on political events out of Nigeria leading up to the elections in 2015. The dream, and the edge we have over other news platforms is to chronicle political occurrences as they happen but also provide a background and context for our audience to fully grasp the issues.

The target audience for this are young people, the largest demographic and the highest subscribers to technology in the country today.

Working in a news environment is fast, full of twists and turns, a lot of hard work, and sometimes exhilarating, if you are familiar with the terrain in Nigeria. It is exciting, and a never-ending learning process as we roll out new outputs each day, and just being able to predict what will happen based on past events gives me such a high!

As we say, Election reporting in Nigeria just got a makeover!

We Are What We Tweet

As part of a project my class conceptualised, researched and then planned an event called We Are What We Tweet: From Birmingham to Cairo and local and global; exploring how social media drives change. It held on the 8th of April 2011, and explored cross-continental stories of the impact social media has in/on our lives.

Fresh off the Arab Revolution, there were stories from Egypt, India, Nigeria, Germany, etc. on our now defunct website and on the day, brilliant presentations from Noha AtefRamy Raoof, among others, and then robust discussions from the over 70 people in the room, and many more online.

I was in charge of fundraising, budget, and logistics; and I worked with our Mark Ashfield, our team leader to refine our applications for funding, scale down and then implement it. I also took care of all the notices used on the day.

It was a good experience being a part of this event, working on a budget, and crunching numbers that quite a number of other people depended on.

The Social Media And Governance Project

URASTAR Enterprises

URASTAR Enterprise is a social enterprise in the West Midlands working with young people to help them improve their life style, make the right choices, and be better members of their communities. The primary target audience for this enterprise is young people aged 15 – 30. Their office is at Edgbaston, Birmingham and website is  HYPERLINK “”

URASTAR has been in existence since 2003, and it was founded by Adrian Burke, a social justice artist more popularly known as ‘Witness’. It was registered as a Community Interest Company in 2009.

As part of

BBC Media Action

In any field, one of the best ways to ensure you don’t get left behind is to evaluate your strategy against results periodically.

The Creative Production Unit of the BBC Media Action in Abuja, Nigeria invited me to facilitate a workshop on the 6th of August 2012 to evaluate their use of new media in their production and broadcasts, and explore ways of increasing interaction. My 40 minute presentation was titled, New Media + Radio: Enhancing Effectiveness, and it can be found here.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

As part of its reinvention of its media/communications department, we were invited to create and manage their presence online. An official report is available on request, but a summary is available here. In four months we

The biggest thing about the NERC consultancy was watching attitudes change, and the discussion progress on a lot of levels in such a short period. Despite the bureaucracy and quite a few challenges with this project, the success was outstanding, and palpable.

The challenge for NERC, as ensconced in our final report, is to strive to be better at communicating with Nigerians what they are up to per time, and work to engrave in their hearts that for NERC, the customer truly is key.


Our Team

Meet the powerful team behind the scene. Our team is made up of highly skill youngsters who won't settle for less on client requirements. A team whose primary goal is to client. Nothing else

Chioma Chuka

Chioma Chuka


Bankole Oluwafemi

Bankole Oluwafemi

Lead Designer

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